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4 min readMay 13, 2021

An online presence is your digital sales force. Your online presence has huge potential to attract and retain interested prospects and customers to your various online channels.

You are who Google Says you are

Potential clients will Google you before doing business with you. Potential partners will Google you before partnering up. Investors will Google you before investing in your company. What they will find on Google… they believe.

Whether accurate or not… ‘You are who Google Says you are’.

Social Media is talking About You

There’s a pretty good chance someone is talking about you or your company/brand on social media. Without an online presence in social media, there is no one to respond to these comments or answer questions that people might have. Without responses to these mentions and queries, customers and brand loyalty is being lost.

You need an online image.
Otherwise not having an image, will be your image.

You need to have an online presence. Whether it’s through social media or in the search results, people want to find answers to the questions they are searching for.

Your Brand is Online Whether You Like It or Not

Thinking that your brand won’t be online simply because you don’t want to be, is a big mistake. The truth is that Google and other companies are indexing businesses and brands of all sizes, whether they like it or not.

This is important because your customers and followers might be looking for you online. If they are searching and you aren’t online, they are going to find information that might not be updated or correct.

“In this time of information overload, people do not need more information. They want a story they can relate to.” - Maarten Schaefer

Maarten Schaefer — CoolBrands People


I help companies, organizations, and their executives, raise their online profiles and assist them to be more successful.

Potential clients, partners, and investors google you before they do business with you.
The absence of relevant and up-to-date content can be the reason for people, not to interact with you.

​Since 2002 I created ‘meaningful content’ for over 800 organizations and executives. Helping them build and maintain a strong online presence.

Maarten Schaefer — CoolBrands People


In 2002, I started a project “Around the World in 80 Brands”.

The goal was to help organizations tell their story, instead of giving information.
Away from top-down communication towards a horizontal tone of voice.

“In this time of information overload, people do not want more information.
They want a story they can relate to.”

Creating meaningful stories with a wow-factor for maximal impact and engagement.

Stories are – easy to understand – easy to remember – and – easy to transmit.

I interviewed over 800 brand owners and published 15 books with a selection of the best stories.

Maarten Schafer — CoolBrands People


I execute special projects to help companies/organizations interact with their audience by creating branded content.

This gives the organization the opportunity to engage with their audience without talking about their product. Some examples are:

“Discovering the Middle East and Africa” – Kempinski Hotels

“The Green Gold Project” – Michelin (CSR)

“Brazil Food innovations” – Brazilian Government Export Agency (APEX)

“Interviews with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies” – Women’s Forum New York

- Maarten Schäfer
Author — Public Speaker — Founder CoolBrands People

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