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3 min readJun 2, 2021
Martin Puris

Like it or not, we live in a fact-based, data-driven, bottom-line, risk allergic world. A world where opinions matter less to bottom-line driven executives than facts. So formulate and activate a plan to continuously provide your management with fact-based evidence that Big Thinking and Big Ideas do matter at the place they care about most, the bottom line, and that given the considerable amount of money at stake and at risk, inaction is not a wise option or a great career move.

In the hard evidence category, you’re in luck because today there is a growing body of study that supports the value of Big Ideas and Great Stories in terms even the most hardened quarterly earnings fixated CEO could appreciate.

The thought you see writ large here reappears throughout time in various civilizations, iterations, and a variety of languages so it must be given the credence accorded to enduring wisdom. I use it once more merely to point out that one PowerPoint, however irrefutable, however brilliantly articulated will not do it. What’s required to get people to see things your way is a thoughtfully planned approach and a continuous stream of interesting and pertinent information.

If I were you, I’d appoint a bright young thing on your staff to be responsible for continuously scouring the globe for useful information, solid and interesting evidence that supports your case. If you think you can get away with it, schedule regular Breaking News briefings for management — but make sure they’re well-produced, interesting, informative and never never never obviously self-serving. Note the word, obviously. Be persistent but tastefully aggressive. Your Breaking News Briefings should be something to look forward to rather than something to avoid.

Or almost ready. Just two more things need to be said.

First, I suggest that you keep this five-point checklist handy. I think you’ll find it to be an infallible guide for identifying truly big ideas.

And finally, if you ever find yourself in need of help getting through it all — and I have a strong suspicion that you may — we’re always happy to oblige. That’s what we created ourselves for.

You are now ready for your next Big Idea!

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