The Value of Technology on Boards — Vicki Hildebrand

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3 min readMay 28, 2024


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Technology is a pervasive force shaping every industry in today’s business world. Through disruptive innovations or steady advancements, it’s influence on company strategies and operations is undeniable. In a recent article titled Five Benefits of Tech Experts on the Board, it emphasizes how having a technology expert on the board of directors is increasingly crucial. This strategic move offers a range of benefits that can enhance decision-making and drive company growth.

One of the primary advantages discussed in the article of including a technology specialist on the board is the infusion of specialized expertise. Technology executives bring a unique perspective that enriches strategic discussions, helping companies to better understand and anticipate the implications of technological developments. This expertise is vital for making informed decisions about risks and opportunities. It allows the board to guide the executive team in crafting strategies that foster sustainable growth. The fresh viewpoint of a technology expert ensures that all strategic options are thoroughly evaluated, providing a well-rounded approach to decision-making.

While internal teams possess deep industry-specific knowledge, a technology expert on the board bridges the gap between traditional business strategies and modern technological opportunities. This role is critical in aligning technology investments with the company’s broader strategic goals. By ensuring that technology-driven projects are seamlessly incorporated into the overall business plan, companies can adopt a forward-thinking approach that positions them for future success.

A board that includes a technology specialist can better navigate the complexities of innovation, determining whether to develop new technologies internally or adopt them from external sources. This strategic insight helps structure innovation efforts within the company, ensuring that new ideas are given the necessary resources and protection to flourish. By fostering an environment that encourages technological experimentation, companies can maintain a competitive edge and continuously create value.

Incorporating technology expertise into the boardroom is not just beneficial; it is essential for businesses. Prioritizing candidates with a strong background in technology can bring invaluable perspectives and solutions to the challenges faced by today’s companies. By doing so, businesses can navigate more effectively, fostering sustainable growth and maintaining a competitive advantage.

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