The Key to Personal Branding in 2021 - Anouk Pappers

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2 min readMar 3, 2021
The Power of Your Online Presence — Anouk Pappers and Maarten Schafer
The Power of Your Online Presence - Anouk Pappers and Maarten Schafer

As a Brand anthropologist, Anouk Pappers is well versed in the necessities of a personal brand.

These days, all of our communication is online and there are no in-person meetings for you to truly brand and market yourself. Therefore, the first impression people receive of you is through your presence online.

To properly brand yourself in 2021, you need to ensure that your identity online coincides with the characteristics of yourself that you want people to see. This task may seem daunting for some, but Anouk has the tips and tricks that will guide you to success in your journey to a great online presence.

Anouk will be speaking for the third time for the ELC members on March 10th to detail the importance of your online presence and what branding yourself online encompasses.

“Anouk is an anthropologist who brings 20 years of experience in corporate reputation and has interviewed over 800 CEOs, CFOs and entrepreneurs around the globe to understand what capabilities and qualities leaders have to project. She has seen, first-hand as a C-Suite advisor, how important taking control of your online presence is to sustained success.” — ELC

She outlined some of the topics she will discuss:

“1. Changing the Mindset

  • Why it’s important to build and maintain a strong online presence?
  • What is the downside and what is the upside?

“2. Improving the Skillset

- How to start building an online presence

- What is relevant and what’s not

“3. Providing the Toolbox

- Available online tools to build and control your online presence

  • Tips & Tactics”