The intersection of Cost, Quality, and Outcomes - Christopher O’Connor

Christopher O’Connor

The time is now!! Never has the health care supply chain been more needed. There are moments in time when the world calls up to action. We are in one of those times in the health care industry. Although this call to action has been occurring for a long time, enter Covid-19, and the call has turned to shouts!
Christopher O’Connor

Personal protective equipment (PPE), especially masks (N-95 masks in particular) are now part of the everyday vernacular. The days of the supply chain executive filling a support role in a health system are over. Not only is it warranted but the health care DEMANDS that it happen. To effectively answer the call, supply chain executives need to work at the intersection of Cost, Quality, and Outcomes. They need to work collaboratively with clinicians and all stakeholders as equals to achieve their common goal of improving the health of individual patients and the community.

What does this mean? Simply put, everything they do requires them to do it through the lens of how it impacts the quality of care being administered to the patients. It is no longer just a financial transaction.

The time is now. Are you prepared to answer the call?

Christopher O’Connor

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