Take Your Seat Presents BOARDView — Jerusha Stewart

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4 min readSep 29, 2022

In September, Black Enterprise published its annual “Power in the Boardroom” analysis of the S&P 500. Consider the following data from the report:

· Amid the S&P 500, there were 474 Black corporate board members at 421 corporations in 2022. This represents over a 10% increase from the 425 Black corporate directors at 399 companies in 2021.

· The figures for 2022 reveal 85% of the S&P had Black directors, up from 60% in 2016, the first year Black Enterprise reported on board diversity across the entire index.

· In comparison, 100% of S&P 500 companies now have female board representation.

· There were 185 Black women directors this year on boards, up 18% from 157 in 2021.

· There were just 14 Black American board chairs and lead directors in 2022.

While Corporate America has made progress in getting more Black directors on boards, there is still a considerable amount of work to be done. As part of Take Your Seat’s efforts to build the inclusive boardrooms of the future we are launching BOARDView, a highly experiential leadership training for Black professionals to elevate their understanding of board service.

Beginning in January 2023, BOARDView is a 12-hour program designed to fuel your interest in board service and empower your ambitions. Our program doesn’t require you to be a seasoned executive or to have board experience. If you’re ready to take a seat, we’ll help you confidently step into the room.

As part of the program, you will develop your personal board service journey road map. Get guidance on where to begin. Learn to be intentional about balancing business, life, and your board search. Translate your work experience so that it resonates with a board. Realistically evaluate the board seat pipeline. Most importantly, you will find the answer to the question a TAKE YOUR SEAT community member asked, “What should be in my backpack before I get on the trail?”

BOARDView will provide you with the opportunity to meet other mission-aligned peers. This isn’t something everyone aspires to do. During the sessions you will be able to engage in candid conversations with executive search professionals, diversity and inclusivity experts, C-suite executives and sitting board directors. You will meet with Black leaders and allies here to help and willing to leave their egos at the door.

What can you expect from participating in BOARDView? Here are the key takeaways:

Board Service Fundamentals

· The Board Service Mindset

· Digesting Financial Statements

· Building Board Bios and Resumes

· How Board Searches Work

Communication That Wins

· Managing Difficult Conversations

· Embracing Divergent Thinking

· Practicing Active Listening

Joining an Inclusive Board

· The Impostor Syndrome

· Managing Up

· Superpowers of “The One & Only”

· Relationship Building at the Speed of Trust

If your future includes serving on a Corporate Board, now is the time to start preparing. I hope that you will join us in January 2023. For more information and to Save Your Seat for BOARDView, click here.

About Jerusha Stewart: Jerusha is a mission-focused entrepreneur creating opportunities for a more equitable future. With a vast background in law, sales, public relations and marketing, Jerusha is well-versed in creating innovative problem solving initiatives and implementing successful communication strategies. Most recently, Jerusha has dedicated herself to her latest mission, Take Your Seat, a Public Benefit corporation focused on recognizing the wealth of global Black talent and accelerating inclusivity in corporate boardrooms to maximize corporate performance.