The Power of Representation and Mentorship - Steven Clark MD, FACS

Inspiration And Insights
3 min readSep 15, 2023
Image from Unsplash by Cytonn Photography

The Power of Representation and Mentorship is an invaluable force shaping our personal and professional development. This exploration delves into the profound influence that representation and mentorship wield in our lives. When we see individuals who resemble us in positions of influence, it sparks inspiration, instills confidence, and reinforces the belief that our aspirations are achievable. The significance of representation and mentorship transcends mere career advancement; it touches the very core of our identity and potential. It bridges gaps, fosters diversity, and amplifies voices that might otherwise go unheard.

If a child can see herself in a position that no one in her family has ever reached, that’s proof of a real possibility that she can follow that dream. In the common situation where a student has no family members that have gone down this career path or have even attended a four-year university, seeing an individual who has, who can mentor you and give you advice, can make the possibility of becoming a doctor feel far more attainable. A mentoriii helps put a face on a career.

As a mentor myself, I help youths navigate their way towards medical school, such as by helping them decide on which extracurriculars will help prepare them the most and guiding them to engage in long-term thinking. It’s striking to me that the majority of African American physicians come from HBCUs, even though many attend PWIs — this demonstrates how representation and an adequate support system help students navigate the complicated path towards their dream career.

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