How’s it Going? - Sarah Dodds-Brown

Inspiration And Insights
2 min readSep 22, 2023

You’ll no doubt have seen the ongoing meme, “How it started / How it’s going.” Rather than dismiss it as a social media cliché, we should acknowledge the necessity of routine check-ins on the progress of our endeavors. This is especially important when in the stages of integrating into a new work environment.

You have to decide what personal information will help you connect into the community and when to share it.

Authenticity matters. You are inviting people in, while avoiding oversharing. It’s a delicate balance and you’ll need to be observant about and interpret reactions. Soon you will develop a sense of what is comfortable and appropriate.

Keep an eye on how your personal brand manifests. Is there a gap between what you see yourself bringing to the table and the value that your company leaders ascribe to you? If so, do you need to adjust your perspective and expectations OR help others see what they are missing?

Even with your best efforts, there can be a reputation lag. Consistency in your communications is key, but it can be difficult to maintain in the face of outdated perceptions. The solution reminds me of the old riddle — how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. You may be able to correct course or you may need to start over. Take it one step at a time.

There also might be a positive perception distortion, a halo effect. Stay humble and don’t believe your own press.

Make sure that you receive real feedback and not lip service. Do your performance evaluations and compensation level match what you are being told? Lean into your network to avoid an echo chamber.

Above all, continue to make deposits in your personal brand and earn your reputation with each interaction. Stay curious.

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