Board Expertise in the Digital Age: Shaping Organizational Trajectories — Julie Roehm

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3 min readFeb 21, 2024


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The strategic interplay between board governance and digital transformations sets the stage for organizations to excel in the rapidly changing digital era. In the realm of global transformation and growth expertise, I recently came across the article, published by Mckinsey Digital, How Boards Can Help Digital Transformations. This piece resonated strongly with my interests and expertise as it delved into the strategic implications of technologies and emphasizes the crucial role boards play in shaping the trajectory of digital journeys.

The transformative power that board governance can exert on an organization’s digital journey is evident. The article accentuates the need for board members to comprehend the strategic implications of technology rather than delving into its technical details. Having been involved in transformative roles at Party City and SAP, I understand the significance of aligning board expertise with strategic priorities for effective digital implementation. The article’s emphasis on ensuring that such digital transformations fundamentally alter how a business creates value is a crucial insight. In the modern digital business world, merely adopting digital tools is insufficient; it’s the recalibration of business processes and strategies that truly leverages the potential of these technologies. Delving into the imperative of tracking the effectiveness of digital initiatives, boards should take on non-traditional metrics to better translate innovative ideas into frontline tools and foster a culture of agility.

As businesses grapple with the imperative to adapt and excel in the digital era, the insights gleaned from the article underscore the indispensable role that board governance plays in guiding organizations through this dynamic evolution. Understanding the strategic implications of technology, recalibrating value creation processes, and embracing non-traditional metrics for tracking effectiveness emerge as key imperatives. The ability of boards to navigate these challenges, drive innovation, and foster adaptability is not merely a strategic advantage; it is a fundamental determinant of sustained success in the interconnected global business arena.

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