Is Success Personal? - Julie Roehm

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3 min readSep 15, 2023

My extraordinary journey from the soccer pitch to the corporate boardroom stands as a testament to my unwavering dedication and expertise within the dynamic marketing industry. Over the course of my career, I’ve had the privilege of contributing to renowned brands like Ford, Chrysler, Walmart, and Party City. Throughout this professional odyssey, my contributions have consistently underscored the profound belief that success extends beyond the traditional benchmarks of wealth and status.

I recently guested on C-Suite Network™, the preeminent global network for C-Suite Leaders, offering a comprehensive suite of growth, professional development, and networking opportunities for executives holding Vice President titles and above. They aim to empower top-tier leaders by providing exclusive access to a thriving community, strategic discussions, and invaluable resources.

The unique challenges of C-suite roles are committed to facilitating connections and collaborations among accomplished individuals to enhance their professional success. C-Suite Network™ is where executive excellence thrives, ensuring leaders make lasting contributions to their organizations. Tricia Benn and I spoke about what success means to me after a few bumps in the road.

“When I speak about career development or motivational things, I always say, success is personal.

“It took me a long time to learn because success was so defined at an early age, where it was everything material — money, title, fame, and stuff.

“I think my first taste of success which was the first impetus of “we can do it” on a career level was when I was with Ford Motor Company. We launched a Ford Focus in the US for the first time and did it in a different revolutionary way.

“Just the amount of success that it had and the validation for knowing I was right for the audience we were after, for doing things that were unconventional, working really hard to get the support of the executive and the team. There were so many blocks in the way and that was my first big moment of career success that field me.”

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Julie Roehm is an innovative customer-centric marketer known for strategizing profitable corporate turnarounds with fast revenue growth via capturing stories that resonate with clients. She was named “Marketer of Year” by BrandWeek, Brand Innovators ‘Top 50 Women in Brand Marketing’, the Tri-State Diversity Council’s “Most Powerful and Influential Woman”, an Automotive News “Marketing All-Star” and one of Working Mother’s “Top 25 Women”. She’s on the forefront of new marketing ideas, and being result-oriented, she uses her vast marketing experience in all facets of business strategy and marketing execution to help deliver the message of the brand.