From ‘Black Holes’ to ‘Black Whole’ - Jerusha Stewart

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3 min readDec 8, 2021


The time has come to turn this moment into a movement. There is a ‘black hole’ in boardroom placement and culture. We are on a mission to spur America’s boards to be ‘Black Whole’ — to create a more inclusive culture/ environment where boardrooms lean into the business imperative of diversity to support board health, innovation and shareholder value.

PRNewswire reported on the launch of my organization, Take Your Seat. Take Your Seat is an organization I co-founded with John Replogle and David Baldwin to make our ‘Black holes’, ‘Black Whole.’

“TAKE YOUR SEAT, a for-profit social venture company committed to diversifying America’s boardrooms, announced today the launch of its online relationship building platform, TAKEYOURSEAT.CO, where Black candidates are linked with board leaders so they can easily and efficiently interact to enrich diversity across America’s boardrooms.

“Founded on the premise that equitable leadership is a prerequisite to sustained business performance, TAKEYOURSEAT.CO serves as the definitive open-source community where aspiring, board ready and board veteran candidates can interact in real time, enabling public, private and non-profit companies seeking to seamlessly diversify their boards. With an emphasis on broadening networks, membership in TAKE YOUR SEAT offers curated candidate profiles, posted board searches, board governance resources, special events, one-on-one access to thought leaders, a preferred directory accessible by executive search firms, diversity and inclusion training, and a robust resources library.

“Founded by CEO Jerusha Stewart, John Replogle (One Better Ventures), and David Baldwin (Baldwin&) TAKE YOUR SEAT is powered by strategic relationships with dozens of preeminent organizations and Fortune 500 (B Lab) companies.”

My co-founder, co-founder John Replogle noted, “we are at once solving the relationship problem and the so-called pipeline problem while delivering a more cost effective and expeditious process. Our aim is for TAKEYOURSEAT.CO to become the definitive source to remove the barriers that have hampered successful placement and contributions of Black professionals on boards.”

About Jerusha Stweart: Jerusha is a mission-focused entrepreneur creating opportunities for a more equitable future. With a vast background in law, sales, public relations and marketing, Jerusha is well-versed in creating innovative problem solving initiatives and implementing successful communication strategies. Most recently, Jerusha has dedicated herself to her latest creation, the Take Your Seat organization, an organization working towards bettering diversity in corporate board seats and creating a pipeline of Black talent.