3 Ways to Improve Your Supply Chain Talent - Christopher J. O’Connor

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2 min readMay 1, 2021


Cristopher J. O’Connor — Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Driven by globalization, geopolitical upheaval, new technologies, big data, and artificial intelligence, supply chain management has become — and will continue to be — far more complex. Unfortunately, the way most enterprises recruit their supply chain talent has not kept pace with this reality.

If you have not yet read, “3 Ways to Improve Your Supply Chain Talent,” I urge you to! The article takes you through three great recommendations when hiring:

  1. Don’t be rigid with requirements; be more inclusive
  2. Prioritize critical thinking
  3. Constant development

These are great and should be in your top attributes when hiring for sure. If I may, I would add a few more.

A simple question I like to ask myself when interviewing is: When things are going tough in the trenches, will this person be a problem solver and even more importantly, do I want this person by my side when we are working multiple 16 hour days to get a project done? It’s a simple answer to a simple question.

The functions of most jobs can be taught; however, most interviews are spent focused on that. Instead, it’s the “softer” skills that are often overlooked entirely. Ironically, those skills make or break most complaints……big and small.


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