Julie Roehm, Chief Experience and Marketing Officer at Party City was featured in a podcast by Clicks 2 Bricks, a podcast about multi-location marketing. Julie discusses her unusual path to where she is today and delves into how she views every challenge as an opportunity rather than an obstacle.

“Let’s just go out and try it and learn and constantly optimize.” - Julie Roehm

“Overhauling a business takes a willingness to experiment and iterate, and it is so important to have a company culture that supports this approach, especially during a pandemic! Today’s guest is Julie Roehm, Chief Experience and…

For the first time in U.S. Navy history, four female officers will lead warships at the same time. The Navy timed the announcements to coincide with Women’s History Month as well as to underscore the military’s efforts to expand the gender balance of all Americans in the ranks and officer corps.

The four officers are based in Norfolk, Virginia, and are also women of color. Kimberly Jones is commander of the Women’s History Month is ending but not without making more history

Breaking barriers, opening doors, providing role models for those aspiring to fully participate in our nation is now…

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Impactful coach-client relationships require a coach that a client connects with and whose teaching method is effective for said client’s personal growth and learning styles. There are different types of coaching styles, such as business-therapy coaching or skill coaching. The best model for you depends on your personality, values, business context, and your professional and individual goals. The LionPoint Coaching team prioritizes helping clients to find the best coaching technique for them, rather than taking on someone who may not fit with the team’s coaching style. While different models work for different people, the LionPoint team believes in the ‘clarity…

Executive search is an interesting and dynamic profession. Some people compare it to being a diplomate, but I prefer to make the comparison with the medical profession. Probably because I’m a trained Medical Doctor who switched careers. I made my transition to executive search over two decades ago, still leveraging my expertise from previous careers, to the benefit of our clients and candidates.

Executive search all starts with grasping the real need of the client. And that’s like in the medical world, where we need to define and understand the diagnosis before we can decide on a therapy. …

Christopher J. O’Connor

I strongly urge all hospital and health system CEOs, CFOs and especially board members to read and digest COVID-19 and the health care supply chain: impacts and lessons learned. With my background as a CEO of two companies, I found this article to be very interesting and decided to share my views on the topic. All of the recommended strategies listed are completely on point:

· Build redundancy in the supply chain and change compensation programs accordingly

· Utilize technology solutions

· Create a holistic view of inventory

· Gain greater upstream visibility by mapping and monitoring the supply network

Deb Elam — CEO, Corporate Playbook
Deb Elam — CEO, Corporate Playbook
Deb Elam — CEO, Corporate Playbook

Very few are able to achieve a successful career whilst in a vacuum. Along the way your network grows, and so do the number of people who influence and guide you. There are two types of critical relationships that aid in the advancement of one’s career: the relationships with sponsors and mentors.

Sponsorship versus mentorship. The critical difference between the two is the position of authority or influence, respectively. A person can sponsor you if they are able to create an opportunity for your advancement by advocating for you. Mentorship is more about guidance, support, and help.

Deborah Elam —…

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On March 3, McKinsey.com published an interview between Kurt Kuehn, the former CFO of United Parcel Service, and consultants Tim Koller and Roberta Fusaro. Many of you may know Tim Koller for his work and publications on corporate finance and valuation, and this alone would normally be enough to grab my attention, but I was particularly drawn to this article, because Kurt Kuehn serves as a board member of the independent Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and explains SASB’s evolving “industry-specific, market-informed” approach to sustainability reporting.

As Kuehn states, the understanding that non-financial ESG issues can significantly impact business opportunity…

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Junior Achievement of Southeast Texas was transitioning their President role to a new leader. As part of that process, the new President wanted to do a deep dive into the state of his team and understand the experience of the talent that worked for the organization. Joe Kelly, a Board and Executive Committee Member from Deloitte, led an effort to provide the perspectives the President sought through a series of focus groups and interviews. …

Diversity Women Magazine — Male Allies
Diversity Women Magazine — Male Allies
Diversity Women Magazine — Male Allies

February and March are both very important months, as February is Black History Month and March is International Women’s Month. Both of these months are dedicated to highlighting and celebrating individuals and groups of these categories that have made great contributions to history and to society. Black women, in particular, are of the most underrepresented groups of people in America and deserve not only the recognition of both months, but continued support and acknowledgment every day.

Tyronne Stoudemire, mentor and champion to diverse talent emphasizes the great need for more Black women in leadership positions. …

Illustration by Rudiestrummer

As we march through International Women’s Month, I would like to specifically honor women’s contributions in leadership.

I am proud to have had the opportunity throughout my career to collaborate in majority-women teams. I am thankful for the women whom I have reported to and mentored me, and those who I have been able to partner with or had the opportunity to empower.

Fortunately for me, I’ve been influenced by great women who have made me appreciate their approach towards leadership. I’ve grown to understand their effective decision-making processes and the dynamics and subtleties of their communication styles.

The best…

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