With a track record of successful leadership as well as functional expertise in strategy formulation and business transformation, Al Reid possesses industry experience in various subcomponents of healthcare including medical devices, diagnostics, nutritional, pharmaceuticals and consumer products.

Al is collegial and partnership-oriented and has a broad understanding of global markets…

This 3-minute article is Worth Noting. Makes me think…

What are we waiting for? “Numerous studies show that companies in the top quartile of achieving a more balanced male-female workforce are 15% more likely to outperform competitors, launch new initiatives, and retain happier, more committed team members.” And those “in…

A look into creating the best management for global teams part 2 of 4

Picture by PinClipart.com

Imagine: you’ve finally proven yourself in your company and your boss asks you to move to a foreign office. This notion can bring up a lot of emotions. For one, it is flattering to be the employee who was trusted enough to go. On the other hand, moving offices to…

Image from Haslam College of Business — Eneida Roldan

“When the situation calls for sound, science-based decision making, political insight and aplomb, I look to Dr. Roldan. At FIU, we are safer and wiser because Dr. Roldan has helped lead us through the pandemic.” — FIU President Mark B. Rosenberg

I was recently featured in an interview for University…

Osahon Akpata

With almost 100 million MSMEs and an expected $2.1 trillion in consumer payments by 2025 which are currently mostly done in cash, there is tremendous opportunity in digitizing payments across Africa.

Osahon Akpata, Head, Consumer Payments at Ecobank Transnational Incorporated, was invited to share his thoughts on the retail payments space on the continent during a panel discussion, Navigating Retail Payments Opportunity in Africa organized by Traction and Consonance Investment.

You can watch the entire panel discussion below:

Osahon Akpata speaks at: 32:10–37:55 and 1:17:12- 1:22:12

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