2022: Why it’s going to be a great year for innovation - Lorraine Marchand

For innovators, New Year’s is the holiday that really sends our spirits soaring.

It’s about change (we’re about change)

It’s about setting goals and embracing the new (we’re about the new)

It’s about self-transformation on both a personal and organizational level (we’re about remaking the world — our own and the larger one around us).

Will 2022 be the year that you join our ranks? And by “our,” yes, I mean those of us who work in new product development on a corporate level, but also anyone who has a good idea, as they used to say, for a better mousetrap.

Because creating the new, sparking the changes, being an innovator, begins with a state of mind — an Innovation Mindset as I call it in my upcoming book — that can propel you into an emerging world: creating the new products, conceptualizing the new ways of doing things, generating the new ideas that are going to shape our society in 2022, and beyond.

In one of their end-of-the-year wrap-up issues, the British newsweekly The Economist, devoted a cover story to innovation — specifically, to changes in venture capital funding globally that will only help to fire up what I believe is going to be a wave of new start-ups and new products around the world.

Remember — timing for innovation is important (the right idea at the right moment), and the funding environment now seems to be a positive tailwind.

That makes 2022 an even more propitious moment for those of us interested in innovation — in every setting, and at every level. Between now and the publication of The Innovation Mindset, I will be sharing with you some ideas and insights from the book, as well as my own experiences as general manager of Life Science for IBM Watson Health; and a professor of entrepreneurship, who teaches at both Columbia and Yeshiva Universities in New York. Not to mention interesting and relevant news and analysis from such publications as The Economist — which as part of that recent issue on innovation, declared:

“Change is in the air.”

Indeed, it is.

I hope you’ll join me in 2022 as I help you become part of that change; by offering my advice and insight on how to make your innovative ideas a reality.

Happy New Year!

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Inspiration And Insights

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